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Morgan & Co - Media Planning and Buying

Our Office

We’re fortunate to work on one of the most historic streets in the heart of New Orleans at an exciting crossroad of eateries, watering holes, and festivals.

Our office is an old house, built in the early 1900’s. It’s exactly what you’d expect – hard wood floors, high ceilings, dark molding, spacious front and back porches and huge windows.

What you wouldn’t expect is its history. The Makofsky family lived here with their dog Trippy in the middle of the 20th century. It was a dentist’s office, and just before we moved in it was Aaron Neville’s recording studio.

You can see evidence of a musical past on the second floor with sound proof glass on all the windows, a window installed between two rooms (for recording sessions), guitar hooks in the hall and microphone jacks in all the rooms, including the bathroom and closet. In 2004 the Neville Brothers recorded Walkin’ in the Shadow of Life here.

In the spirit of the house’s inspiring history, we regularly hold brain storming and idea jam sessions. It benefits our clients and keeps us connected to the creative vibes that flow through the hallways of this historic building.

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