Amanda Kennedy


Conversion Strategist

Ever wish you had a crystal ball to see a client’s reaction to an idea, before you present the concept? Or read their mind to see how they define media success? We just got closer…

With over fifteen years of partner marketing, digital marketing and account management under her belt, Amanda decided it was time to take the leap from client side to agency side. At Morgan & Co. Amanda wears several hats, and gloves, and mittens. Hailing from Northern Wisconsin, where you jump around to keep warm and stay alive, we put her to task in several departments. Amanda oversees campaign conversion programs and processes for clients, builds and manages client PPC programs, works on client landing page call to action strategies, spearheads several strategic initiatives for the agency, and creates content for public events, in between everything else.

Her marketing expertise is the result of years working with Healthcare organizations such as eHealth and Medicare Solutions, Financial Services companies like Bank of America and Wells Fargo and consumer media brands like AOL, Fortune and CNN. Prior to taking her career online, Amanda spent years in design and retail marketing working for several toy companies including MindWare, University Games, inventor of Murder Mystery Party and Great Explorations, the nation’s leading producer of glow in the dark toys. Who doesn’t love noodling over a mystery under the glow of stars on a ceiling? Some days it feels like the media challenges clients bring to the table that we happily, and heartily, take to task solving.

A graduate of Tulane University in Media Arts, Amanda lends a design perspective when called upon and is a member of the New Orleans Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Once a weekly tennis player, now forever a tennis enthusiast, Amanda is also a board member of the Friends of Atkinson Stern Tennis Center.

Enjoy my all-time favorite tennis scene from a major motion picture. No language interpretation needed.

Hear My Story About Swimming from Alcatraz.


Favorite Vacation:
Budapest – the architecture, history, food halls, dark malty beverages

Favorite Food:
Pizza in all its forms – thin, pan, deep dish, Neapolitan

Favorite Band (Moment):
Listening to my parents’ collection of old LPs – Ramsey Lewis Trio, Dave Brubeck, Jimmy Smith

Favorite Festival/Event:
French Quarter Fest – wandering in and out of the quarter establishments and this festival is like a 2 for 1 treat

Favorite Useful Website:
Pinterest. I couldn’t have remodeled without it

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I once swam from Alcatraz to shore in a swim race. I didn't win but I didn't freeze to death either.

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