Amanda Maynard


Media Planner/Buyer

You can take the girl out of New Orleans, but you can’t take New Orleans out of the girl. After leaving N.O. at an early age for Maryland, then on to Las Vegas, Amanda realized her heart (and taste buds) belong in the Big Easy.

As a media planner and media buyer at Morgan & Co, Amanda works with reps across all media types to help create channel plans that bring the agency’s clients and unique audiences together. Specifically, she is deeply involved in TV and radio buys, print and out of home tactics and digital and non-traditional platforms that have the ability to deliver opportunities to clients like Morris Bart, Frank Azar, Shelly Leeke Law Firm, Delgado Community College, NOLA Home Show and New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation.

Her background in the newspaper business and as Director of Marketing for a laser eye surgery center has provided a strong foundation into the world of media. That background includes managing commercial production for TV and radio, working with sales teams from all types of media outlets, writing print and advertorial copy, managing SEO and PPC initiatives, and developing concepts for promotional campaigns.

Amanda has a B.S. in Healthcare Administration from University of Nevada – Las Vegas. If you have questions about health insurance coverage and benefits, healthcare laws & policies including the Affordable Care Act, Epidemiology or medical terminology, just ask her. Yes, she’s a blast at parties!


Learn How to Make My Favorite Summertime Tropical Party Drink!


Favorite TV Show:
Law & Order SVU

Favorite Foods:
Filet Mignon (rare – medium rare), stuffed artichokes, Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts (hot), crawfish

Favorite Hobbies:
Pool/Billiards (8 ball and 9 ball) – I used to play in a league

Interesting Fact:
I grew up on a small Island on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland across from Annapolis and the Naval Academy

Most Useless Talent:

Weirdest Celebrity Introduction:
Carrot Top, he’s very serious in person, not funny at all

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The Jamaican 10 Speed – *Can be served as a Shooter or Cocktail served on the rocks*

Recipe: (remember 1 oz. = 1 shot)

½ oz. Coconut Rum (Malibu Rum)

½ oz. Banana Liqueur (Crème de Banana)

½ oz. Melon Liqueur (Midori)

½ oz. Milk (Cream)

½ oz. Pineapple Juice

For Shooter:  (Makes 2)

Fill a medal cocktail shaker to the top with ice then add equal parts of all of the ingredients.  Be sure to add the milk and pineapple juice last.

Put the top on shaker and shake vigorously until a layer of frost forms on the outside.

Remove top and replace with strainer.  Pour liquid contents, making sure to strain out all the ice, into 2 small rocks glasses or 2 large shot glasses.  Drink and Enjoy!

(Should come out a light lime green and have a foamy consistency and taste somewhat like a Pina Colada)

For Cocktail: (Makes 2)

Follow the same recipe and as for Shooter, except increase pineapple juice and Coconut Rum to 1 oz. each.   After shaking, pour full contents (including ice) into a cocktail glass of your choosing.  Add additional ice if needed and garnish as desired.

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