Candi Hamilton Walker


Media Strategist

One of Candi’s favorite quotes is, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ~ Lewis Carroll from Alice in Wonderland. She thrives in the world of possibilities and gets excited by concepts, research and challenges. When presented with a marketing problem she analyzes the situation to come up with a creative solution with an eye toward efficiency and ROI.

Candi brings more than 18 years of strategic planning, media execution and account service experience to Morgan & Co. She taps into her background in both direct to consumer and business-to-business outreach to impact client strategy. Her tenure at agencies like GroupM’s Mindshare and Initiative has provided extensive expertise in positioning respected brands as leaders in their industries. Past clients include: Ford Motor Company, Delta Air Lines, US Virgin Islands, Six Flags Amusement Parks, United States Marine Corps, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, T. Rowe Price and Burger King.

Candi earned her bachelor’s degree with a concentration advertising from Southern Illinois University. She completed the Executive MBA program at Auburn University with an emphasis in project management and marketing. Candi is a member of the New Orleans Chapter of the American Marketing Association. A lover of most things outdoors, Candi spends her down time camping, boating and perusing local farmers’ markets.


Celebrate your inner Jacques Cousteau and take my fish quiz.


Favorite Vacation:
Scuba diving over wrecks, walls and reefs

Favorite Food:
Mom’s pot roast with homegrown veggies and handmade noodles

Favorite Band:
Too much like picking a favorite child

Favorite Festival/Event:
Hogs for the Cause

Favorite Movie:
The Blues Brothers

Favorite Useful Website: (for work), (for fun)

Fun Fact:
Climbed to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to take in the view

First Job:

Proudest/most embarrassing moment:
Passing a culinary knife skills class without injury

Favorite Sound:
Steak hitting a hot grill

Most extravagant thing you’d like to buy:
A year-long trip zig-zagging around the globe

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Celebrate your inner Jacques Cousteau and take my fish quiz:


  1. A barracuda swims into a jewelry store. Does she go for a string of pearls or platinum necklace
  2. True or false? A starfish eats with its stomach sticking out.
  3. Bruce, the great white shark of Finding Nemo fame is named after:

A) Stand-up comic and satirist Lenny Bruce

B) Actor, producer and director Bruce Lee

C) The mechanical models used to film Jaws

D) None of the Above

4. Nemo isn’t the only the fish in the public eye. Which fish is not an official state representative? Bonus if you

A) Largemouth bass

B) Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa

C) Yellow fin tuna

D) White crappie

5. A12-ton whale shark is a:

A) Shark
B) Whale
C) Fish
D) Both A & C


1) She will go for the platinum necklace. These fish are attracted to shiny objects that resemble the silvery fish they prey on. While the number of attacks on humans is probably overstated, divers should think twice about    sticking with a shiny silver regulator in their mouths.

2) True. While not technically a fish, this echinoderm has a part of its stomach that comes out and surrounds the food.

3) C. Bruce is named after the three sharks used in production (collectively nicknamed Bruce, in honor of   Spielberg’s attorney)

4) Sorry Charlie. The answer is (C).

A) The largemouth bass: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.
B) Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa: Hawaii
C) N/A
D) The white crappie (also called sac-au-lait and white perch): Louisiana

5) D. Whale sharks are sharks making them a type of fish. Despite their size they are very docile, feed mainly on plankton and pose no real threats to humans.


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