Emily Eagan


Assistant Media Planner

Emily went to high school with the Headless Horseman. Seriously. That was her school’s mascot back in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Yes, there really is such a place. Fortunately for us, and the media she works with, she’s not nearly as mean as the notorious Horseman. As far as we know.

Her time at Morgan & Co is spent handling both digital and offline media planning and media buying responsibilities. She routinely manages the set up process of digital campaigns, including tracking tags, ad-serving functions, generating insertion orders and working with the media reps and account team for flawless campaign execution. The clients she works with include Hotel Monteleone, Bienville House, Louisiana Office of Tourism, Visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana Seafood Board and the LCMC Health hospitals (Touro Infirmary, University Medical Center, West Jefferson Medical Center and Children’s Hospital).

Emily earned a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Political Science from Tulane University. That degree was hard earned, including the semester abroad in Copenhagen. We heard it was rough. She’s also not a bad actor, having been quite the high school thespian, including a roll as Sandy in Grease.


Learn how to stay energized with Emily’s Coffee Lifestyle Guide.


Favorite Vacation:
Barcelona, Spain

Favorite Food:

Favorite Festival/Event:
Jazz Fest

Favorite TV Show:

First Job:

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A Caffeine Fix for Every Occasion

Ever feel like you’re lagging behind? Need a boost of energy? Craving a caffeine fix but don’t know where to turn? No worries- here are the perfect caffeine fixes for every occasion.

On the Go- Chocolate covered espresso beans are the perfect option for the on-the-go coffee lover. Grab this caffeinated treat at Whole Foods or P.J.’s. With this convenient option there are no spills and no stress.

Cold Weather- We all know winter would be impossible without a cup of hot Joe to get us going in the morning. The most traditional way to drink coffee, you can’t go wrong with a classic. If you’re at home, ad a dollop of whipped cream to sweeten up your morning! Cold weather also means the arrival of Starbuck’s holiday drink menu- peppermint mocha coffee, anyone?

Hot Weather- True coffee lovers know that summer means one thing: iced coffee! Lucky for us, iced coffee comes in about as many forms as hot coffee. The perfect iced coffee will make you forget why you ever drank it hot. Best with milk and sugar, iced coffee can be purchased at almost any coffee shop around.

(Pro tip: If you’re making your own iced coffee and have time to plan ahead, try coffee ice cubes. Just pour freshly brewed coffee into your ice cube tray, freeze, add to your coffee, and enjoy your caffeine fix!)

Feeling like Dessert- If you need caffeine without the actual coffee, try cappuccino ice cream. The best of both worlds, its hard to go wrong with Ben & Jerry’s “Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz”.

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