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Founder Eric Morgan has a rich background of over 24 years of media strategy, planning and buying experience in offline, online, non-traditional and promotional advertising tactics. These days he handles media strategy for Louisiana Office of Tourism, Hotel Monteleone, Visit Baton Rouge, and Frank D. Azar.

Eric earned an M.B.A. at Tulane University and a B.A. from Loyola University in Advertising Communications with a minor in Marketing. In demand and passionate about sharing what he knows, Eric speaks regularly at conferences, including the Southeast Tourism Society, Louisiana Hospital Association and the Louisiana Restaurant Association. Eric has taught Advertising Media Planning in Loyola University’s Communications Department. He is a fellow of Loyola’s Institute for Environmental Communications and the Institute of Politics. In 2009, the Advertising Club of New Orleans named him Top Executive of the Year.

The father of four young children, Eric is an avid hunter and fisherman. Or perhaps we should say was. These days he spends more time hunting for small shoes and chasing down a daughter and triplet boys than he does on Louisiana’s beautiful waterways and marshes.

Check out my Killer Crawfish Boil recipe.


Favorite Vacation:
China (Shanghai, Xian, Beijing)

Favorite Movie:
Kelly’s Heroes

Favorite Useful Website: (coastal wind forecast)

First Job:
Cleaning rat cages in a lab

Most extravagant thing you’d like to buy:
(Rent) A house each Summer in a different country

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For a 1 pot boil, these are the ingredients required:

Bag of red new potatoes
Bag of lemons (about 10)
Bag of small yellow onions (about 6 or 8)
Bag of garlic cloves (about 5 full heads)
Box of whole mushrooms
Pack of smoke sausage
6 ears of frozen 1/2 ears of corn
64oz. jar of either Zatarains or Cajunland boil mix
One small (tall/thin) bottle of cayenne, about 8 oz
Box of salt (just to jazz up the second boil)
One small bottle of liquid crab boil, about 8 oz
(you can add a little more of the corn, sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, if you desire.)


1 sack (usually around 45 lbs +/-).  Rinse crawfish thoroughly with fresh water to remove excess mud. NEVER purge with salt – this will only kill them.

  • Add water a little over half way of an 80 quart pot.  With the basket in the pot, add the following:
    • Add all powder boil mix
    • Add ½ liquid boil
    • Add ¼ cayenne pepper
    • Add lemons
    • Add garlic
    • Add onions
    • Add potatoes
  • Bring to boil
    • Add Crawfish
  • Return to boil
    • Kill fire once water returns to a boil
  • Soak for 30 minutes
    • Add salt (if needed)
    • Add sasuage
    • Add corn
    • Add mushrooms
  • Pour on table, grab fresh beer and start peeling.

Important: If you do not know how to peel a crawfish you should not attempt to boil crawfish.  Please step aside and let a trained professional do it.

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