Olivia Ball

Account Coordinator

Leading with focus and strength, Olivia, a self-described yogi who has mastered a headstand, plays a critical role on the media buying team. Being ambidextrous allows her to tackle multiple media buying projects, ensuring traffic instructions get out the door and invoices get reconciled. Olivia is definitely an “all hands on deck” member of the Morgan & Co. team.

With a background in technical and speech writing, as well as information organization for the U.S. Department of Energy Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Olivia is instrumental in ensuring the details of media buys are executed on time and on budget. At Morgan & Co., she is responsible for entering media vendor invoices and contracts, weekly air checks, managing client FTP sites, building avail buy sheets, and pulling market research. Her assigned clients include LCMC Health’s Touro Infirmary, Children’s Hospital, West Jefferson Medical Center, and University Medical Center, Morris Bart, LLC, and Frank D. Azar & Associates.

Prior to joining Morgan & Co., Olivia held the position of Information Publisher at Deltha Corporation, working with the U.S. Department of Energy. Earlier in her career, time spent as a content creator for SoBou Restaurant and Wonder South equipped her with digital and social media experience. Those roles, plus her media sales experience for LSU Student Media while in college, sparked her desire to pursue agency life as the next step in her career.

Of course, Olivia’s a Tiger, armed with a B.S. in Marketing from Louisiana State University. She has a passion for cooking and baking, which her dad captured on video in her pretend cooking shows when she was young. We promise we won’t make her show us the footage if she feeds us some treats during our summer happy hours.


My Favorite Nature Trails/Areas in New Orleans


Favorite Vacation:

Favorite Food:
Thai or Italian

Favorite Festival/Event:
Christmas in the Oaks at City Park

Favorite Movie:
The Titanic

Favorite Useful Website:

Fun fact:
I really like writing poetry

First job:
Sales Associate at Plato’s Closet

Favorite word/Expression you use the most:
“Bomb” – that pasta was bomb

Proudest/most embarrassing moment:
I was proudest when I got accepted into LSU.

Favorite sound:
Water flowing in rivers or waterfalls

Most extravagant thing you’d like to buy:
A 100% sustainable and recycled house that runs on well water and solar panels but is also beautiful and modern. I want it to have lots of gardens and greenery as well.

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My Favorite Nature Trails/Areas in New Orleans:

Being a huge nature lover, I am always looking for the perfect spots to reconnect with my nature side and explore the outdoors. Surprisingly, New Orleans offers many areas to do just this without having to spend hours driving in your car. So if you’re in need of outdoor activity between parades, king cakes, crawfish boils, snowballs, festivals and football, below are a few of my favorite places that I highly recommend.

Couturie Forest in City Park – multiple trails to enjoy here

The Fly at Audubon Park – overlooks the Mississippi River, located behind the zoo

Audubon Park Trail – circles around Audubon Park

Lakefront Route along the outskirts of Lake Pontchartrain – beautiful, especially during sunsets

Audubon Louisiana Nature Center – just recently opened since Hurricane Katrina

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve – farthest away, but worth the drive

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