Renee Stuart

Director of Media Buying

Fanatical LSU fan meets sharp, hardnosed, analytical media buyer.

With 15 years of experience, Renee is Morgan & Co’s Director of Media Buying, overseeing our media buying team and all aspects of our clients’ broadcast, cable and radio buying strategies. She also manages detailed analysis and insight of each market. Renee has media buyer experience within the legal, education, tourism and hospitality, events, healthcare and public utility industries.

Brought up in some tough media circles, her indoctrination into the world of media buying started in politics. Renee managed broadcast, cable and radio campaigns for statewide candidates, and public affairs initiatives. The fast-paced and frenzied field of political media helped her to excel to the point of Senior Buyer for large-scale national accounts like GM, Lowe’s and Popeye’s.

She is the Executive Director of the American Advertising Federation’s New Orleans Chapter and currently an open Board Member, a fellow of Loyola’s Institute of Politics and in 2011 was named Advertising Club of New Orleans Media Person of the Year.

Renee is a graduate of LSU with a B.A. in Mass Communications. Her favorite teams are the Tigers and anyone who beats Saban and Alabama!

Steal the playbook for a Roarin’ Tiger Tailgate Paw-ty.


Favorite Vacation:
St. Augustine, Florida

Favorite Food:
Red Beans & Rice

Favorite Band:
Dave Matthews Band

Favorite Festival/Event:
Mardi Gras

First Job:

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Tiger Fans take their tailgating very seriously. Here is what you will need in order to survive Baton Rouge and Death Valley on a Saturday afternoon.

Gear: Make sure you have a 10’ x 10’ LSU purple or gold tent to set up under one of LSU’s oak trees. There are over 1,200 on LSU’s campus so finding one is not an issue. Get to campus early because Tiger Fans takeover campus quickly!  Some rabid fans show up as early as Thursday night!

Food & Beverage: First and fore most you must have plenty of Miller Lite in a large ice chest to ensure you stay “hydrated”. Whether you are making jambalaya, red beans & rice or Gumbo it is important that you prepare and prep your menu before you arrive on campus. Make plenty of extra for all of neighbors tailgating next to you.

Clothes: Regardless what you wear you must sport either purple or gold colors. An LSU koozie makes the perfect accessory. Other options include purple and gold superman costumes, purple wigs, body paint and the must have paw print face decal.

Catchphrase: When you see an opponent on campus you must yell “Tiger Bait!” And when you see a fellow LSU fan you yell Geaux Tigers! Yes, that is a Cajun “O”.

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