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Is annual media buying right for you?

November 2, 2018

As media buyers, our job is to optimize a client’s marketing budget when purchasing media to ensure the dollars are being placed effectively and efficiently. That responsibility comes into full view when working on television campaigns, where rates can change regularly depending on inventory. Television can be purchased by the week, month, quarter or on an annual basis. Knowing which option is best, however, depends on the goals, strategy and budget tolerance for the brand(s) in question.

The Advantages of Annual Media Buying

There certainly are advantages to placing media annually. Right now, our media team is busy preparing to place several clients’ annual buys in markets throughout the U.S. Here are some key factors we believe make an annual media buying strategy a success:

1. Annual buying offers better rates than placing monthly or quarterly, as the media outlets are willing to negotiate more when they see the big picture.

2. Placing the entire year upfront gives you the advantage of the best possible rates due to the volume that is being placed.

3. With adequate notice, annual buys can always be revised and adjusted to improve the media schedule, and address competitive activity and market shifts. So don’t think once it’s bought, we can’t adjust on the fly.

Having a calculated plan and a precise understanding of the client’s goals and objectives are crucial. Here at Morgan & Co., we have a comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace, competitive set and viewing habits. Our flexibility and professional insight allow us to accommodate changes and give our clients the best possible outcome for their media buy. If an annual buy seems like the right fit for your business, contact our team to learn more.

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