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Please welcome Britt Hafstad

May 30, 2018

Britt Hafstad is one of the newest members of the Morgan & Co. team and brings an international flavor to her role as Account Coordinator.

Britt Hafstad, Morgan & Co. Advertising Agency Account Coordinator

Tell us about your new role at Morgan & Co.

As Account Coordinator, I’m lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. One of the things that I really enjoy is that this role is always evolving. As client needs and projects change, so do my responsibilities. For example, right now I’m conducting market research for a one of our clients that’s looking to expand its retail presence, I’ve created a dashboard to visually showcase another client’s analytics, and I’m the voice and strategy behind a lot of Morgan & Co.’s social media. In a few weeks, I could be working on a completely different set of projects. It keeps things interesting.

What led you to the marketing world?

My interest in market research and analytics stemmed from advanced high school elective classes in psychology and economics. It grew even more during my internship at a startup tech company in the grocer retail industry. I loved the practical application of psychology to marketing – Why do people do the things they do? Having grown up in both the US and the UK, it was time spent studying in France that piqued my interest in examining marketing habits through a cultural lens – How does culture influence our habits in terms of shopping, consumption and brand communication?

What made Morgan & Co. the best place for you?

The tight-knit size of the team, coupled with their expertise really drew me to Morgan & Co. I’ve worked at a huge company, and learned a lot, but I wanted to have my hands in many different projects and learning experiences. That’s exactly what I’m getting out of this role. To be honest, I didn’t bring much media buying experience to the table, but I knew that Morgan & Co. would be a place where I contribute the skills I already have, while expanding my knowledge base. Plus, working with a smaller firm, you have a greater concentration of expertise. People are more driven to succeed, and relationships with clients are more solid. Our clients know that they’re not one of 500. They’re special.

What’s the best part of your day? 

For me, I’m always super excited to learn something new, and to learn from other people who are passionate about what they do. This team has a variety of special knowledge that they’ve brought from other jobs or acquired during their time here. While I’m digging deep into research or analytics for a client – taking the messy background numbers and translating them into trends – what excites me is searching for and finding the answer to a problem. Even better than just solving a problem is using the data to discover an entirely new opportunity or path that we may not have initially considered that then opens up a whole new world of possibilities for that client. Data and analytics are hot spots right now. It’s an ever-changing area, and it’s fun to be in the middle of it right now.

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