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Using Multi-Channel Retargeting To Grow Your Brand

February 28, 2019

Brands strive to build strong relationships with their customers, through the in-store experience, in the digital world, and through post-sales follow up. A powerful way to accomplish this is to move beyond the one-dimensional application of retargeting (i.e.: maintaining the interaction within the original media experienced by the consumer) and bridge multiple media channels together within the brand’s media strategy.

Retargeting is a strong tactic when the goal is to keep a brand in front of the audience and continue the dialogue. If done correctly, it can sell the brand. When it comes to multi-channel retargeting strategy, one recent campaign comes to mind. In the Fall of 2018, Morgan & Co. was tasked with driving awareness, interest and store visits to a restaurant & bar client’s locations for their Fall promotion. The Morgan & Co. planning team saw a great opportunity to implement a multi-media retargeting strategy to increase campaign performance, and ultimately store visits.

Over the course of 13 weeks, Morgan & Co. created and managed a media strategy which incorporated 5 different media channels – both online and offline – across 3 DMAs. Within that mix, the team devised a way to track cinema goers who experienced the ad within a movie trailer. Having captured access to that segment, technology allowed the Morgan & Co. team to retarget the audience, through digital display and video creative, for a period of 10 days after they experienced the initial trailer ad.

Based on metrics and ad traffic, the retargeting strategy was a tremendous success. When measured by CTR (click through rate) and video completion rate, performance improved significantly over other non-retargeting tactics within this campaign and those of previous campaigns. In the multi-media, cross-platform world we live in, retargeting can easily be implemented across multiple vehicles and environments. It works exceptionally well within many media strategies and complements the media mix quite nicely. By taking your media strategy a step (or two) further, and incorporating cross-channel retargeting, your brand has the power to continue the conversation with consumers, even when they leave the original environment, like cinema above.

If your brand is looking to grow through advanced media strategies like cross-channel retargeting, give Morgan & Co. a call today. As a media agency with a focus on audience, media strategy and analytics, our team has the knowledge, skills and experience to grow your brand.

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