“I cannot express enough the value Morgan & Co brings to the table. They have helped make my goals a reality, in short order. In the two years I’ve been with Morgan & Co, my business has grown 400%. The biggest mistake a business could make would be NOT hire them. They simply deliver.

Shelly Leeke

Shelly Leeke Law Firm

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Legal Marketing and Advertising and Legal Media Buying

Legal Advertising Cost Per Case




Legal marketing is as niche as you get. Conventional advertising and marketing strategies fall short of generating a marketing return on investment (ROI).

You want qualified calls that convert to cases. You also want to reduce the cost of acquiring cases. We develop the media strategy and the media buys that gets you there.

We understand your business and can drive more qualified leads to grow the number of cases your firm converts. In the recent past we’ve :

  • Cut the cost per case of a growing firm by 70%, in the first 18 months of partnership
  • Helped an out of state personal injury law firm increase monthly case sign ups 1100%, resulting in the need for a six-fold increase in staff

We understand personal injury (PI) advertising and how to generate results.


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