Morgan & Co is constantly looking at how we can improve the delivery of our message and receive a better ROI for our budget. This characteristic, added to their experience and professionalism, makes Morgan & Co an essential part of our marketing team.

Misty Shaw

Louisiana Office of Tourism

Director – Programs & Services


Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Advertising Media Planning and Buying

Hospitality & Tourism

Connecting with the traveler is more competitive than ever, and we get it. We understand the travel and entertainment seeker’s frame of mind, what they want and how they make decisions.

You want to capture interest and increase bookings. We can make that happen. We know how to use media strategy, planning and buying to engage your customer.

  • Generated over $30,441 in room bookings through a $15,000 media plan investment for a privately held hotel property
  • Reduced a major DMO’s Cost Per Click by 78% while increasing the Click Thru Rate 147% in 12 months
  • Drove a 2,242% ROI through media placement for a major DMO with $9,482 spent to generate an estimated $222,166 in hotel booking revenue

We know media planning and buying for travel and entertainment brands.

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