Political & Advocacy

A winning political or advocacy media campaign is one of the most demographically strategic types of buy there is. Audience analysis, in the form of media usage, viewership patterns, voting habits, income and party affiliation are paramount. Synthesizing that information to create effective media buys at the drop of a hat (in hours, not days or weeks) is what Morgan & Co excels at.

With one of the largest media buying teams in the region, we use our experience of buying millions of dollars of media to produce media schedules that help issues get passed and candidates get elected.

The value we bring to the team is clear:

  • Extensive political and issue media buying experience across all 7 DMAs in Louisiana
  • One of the largest, most experienced and responsive media buying teams in Southeast LA
  • Leveraged media buying power with almost $30 million in annual buys
  • Strong working relationships with stations across LA for “LUR” and clearance
  • Creators of successful media strategies across broadcast, print, outdoor, digital and non-traditional tactics
  • Have resources and partners for production of broadcast, offline and digital material needs

Want to win? Contact us and we can help make it happen.

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